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Macher Attractions

On the road between Macher and Yaiza you cannot fail to miss the Lanzarote de Caballo horse and camel riding centre. Lanzarote de Caballo is a full equestrian centre that offers a programme of horseback excursions and riding lessons to suit all abilities, riding through the peaceful Lanzarote countryside. Contact details for more information: Lanzarote a Caballo
Carretera Arrecife-Yaiza, Km 17
Telephone: +34 928 830 038
Web site: www.lanzaroteacaballo.com

Although the village of Macher has few, if any tourist attractions of its own, which for some people may be an attraction in itself, it is however conveniently located as a base from which to explore the attractions of southern Lanzarote. One such attraction that may appeal is the Canarian Cetacean Museum, which is housed in the former dry dock facilities of Puerto Calero. Before you ask, a cetacean is any member of the group of marine mammals that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. The museum is run by The Association for the Study of Cetaceans in the Canary Archipelago, which is often abbreviated to "Secac", and represents the results of over 20 years worth of research into the whales and dolphins of the Canary Islands. With the aid of images, sound, life-size replicas and various skeletons, visitors are able to experience at first hand the characteristics and lifestyle of these fascinating creatures. The museum is fully accessible for disabled visitors and explanations and details of the exhibits are given in three languages. The museum is open seven days a week from around 11:00am each day and contact details for more information and bookings are:
Canarian Cetacean Museum
Edificio Antiguo Varadero
1st Planta Local 11
Urb Puerto Calero
Telephone: +34 928 849 560
Fax: + 34 928 849 561
Web site: www.cetaceos.org

Overall south of the island is home to some of the most widely visited natural attractions on Lanzarote. The most impressive, in our view at least, is undoubtedly the cliffs of Los Hervideros, otherwise known as "The Boiling Pans". These are a series of caves and blow holes that have been eroded into a former lava flows since the last eruption. As the Atlantic waves crash into these caves, mountains of white surf are produced, giving the appearance of boiling water. This is certainly one place on Lanzarote that swimming is not recommended at any time.

Another less spectacular feature is the green lagoon at El Golfo. This is a semi-circular volcanic crater that has filled with sea water, in which algae has grown giving it a highly distinctive green colour.

Certainly worth a mention here is the Rancho Texas park on the outskirt of Puerto del Carmen, which is the recreation of the American wild west complete with cowboys, indians, wig wams, buffalo, crocodiles and many other exotic animals. Overall the park took over 5 years to create and now covers an area of some 50,000 m². As you enter the attraction you are met by Sofia, who is a huge owl with piercing yellow eyes, and with whom you will undoubtedly be photographed with. During the day you can lose the children for hours whilst they play in the Indian village or pan for gold amongst the waters of the goldmine water wheel, although be sure to reserve their seats for the eagle, crocodile and parrot shows that also take place at regular intervals throughout the day. In keeping with their western theme, the park also has its own riding stables where absolute novices can safely enjoy a short horseback ride, and more experienced riders can undertake a 1/2 day trek down to the beach. During the evening and after the main park closes for the day, their Country and Western themed nights are also a very popular attraction where the whole family can party the night away. Their own professional entertainment team will endeavour to keep everyone entertained with a combination of live music and line dancing along with special entertainment for the children. Central to the evening is always their "eat as much as you can" American style BBQ complete with beer, sangria or soft drinks all included within the entrance price. Entrance to the park is quite reasonable at around 19€ for adults and 14€ for children, although for those visitors staying in one of their 10 specially designed lodges on site daily entrance is of course free. Contact details for more information and bookings is:
Rancho Texas Lanzarote
Calle Noruega s/n
Puerto del Carmen
Telephone: +34 928 841 286
Fax: +34 928 515 563
Web site: www.ranchotexaslanzarote.com

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